Underwater Photographs


Helene Darveau, M.D.

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 Helene Darveau, M.D. is an Emergency Medicine physician, Flight Surgeon, and Diving Medicine expert who practices in Montreal, Canada.Her photographs have won several prizes in photo competetion. The photos in this exhibit were taken in the Indonesian Archipelago. Start by clicking on Slide Show above, or view individual photos from the table below.
 14" by 17" prints of Dr. Darveau's photographs can be obtained from the Pierre Seguin Gallery, Montreal Canada. Phone 514-453-9530, or via the web: www.pseguin.com

 Anemone  Anemone  Batfish  Clown Fish  Coral  Octopus
 Sea Fan  Starfish  Starfish  Sea Cucumber  Nurse Shark